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Informacje o grze

Liczba głosów:  18 .  Ocena użytkowników:  77.78% .
Liczba głosów: 18 . Ocena użytkowników: 77.78% .
Opis gry King's Rider:
The evil dark wizard and his minion followers the Orcs have once again struck against the poor peasants of your kingdom and have stolen all of there haystacks, logs and a very important poop shovel. Now you must help the brave knight and his fearless horse to race through the kingdom to catch up with all the fleeing minion thieves and slay them where they stand while also being careful not to get knocked from his horse in this awesome medieval adventure that has 11 action packed levels and also a awesome shop that is stocked full of upgrades for you to try and purchase. To buy these cool upgrades your going to need gold and you earn this from every kill you make so dont let any of the Orcs get away and watch out for each of the big end of level bosses that will take different skills to defeat each of them as you try and complete your quest with a perfect 3 gold star score on each level by not letting any of the Orcs escape the death that they deserve and by finally defeating the evil dark wizard so the peasants can once again live in peace.

Instrukcje gry:
Up arrow = Jump
Down arrow = Duck
Left arrow = Use bow
Right arrow = Use sword


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